Towers of Hanoi

Click source tower, then destination tower to move via mouse. Move will be recorded in text are for replaying.
You can also type into the list of moves and play them using the "Play Moves" button.
Typing a move into the "One move" box will perform the move and append the move to the Move List.
Reset moves clears the Move List.
Reset Towers moves all the disks back to the first tower.
Re-initialize resets the demo (use to change the number of disk, towers, and colors).
Solve generates the moves needed to move from tower 0 (the left most), to tower 1 (the one next to it) and puts them in the Move List. You can then play them with "Play moves."
Move list:
One Move:
Type in moves in the form src to dst where src and dst are tower numbers (tower 0 is the left most tower).
Towers: Disks: Colors: Speed:

By: Mike Zamansky
Source code available at: